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CPA Affiliate Program

Receive reward from the first deposit made by a client

Join our team and earn from the first deposit made by a new client

Who will appreciate the program?

The CPA Affiliate Program (Cost Per Action) is a perfect variant of an additional income for webmasters, SEO and online marketing specialists

Our commissions are easy to calculate. You will receive a one-time payment for every new client. The sum of your reward depends on a client’s first deposit

How does it work?

Step 1
You register in the CPA Affiliate Program
Step 2
You refer clients
Step 3
Clients make a deposit and start trading
Step 4
You receive a partner reward

Calculate commission

Calculate a commission based on the first deposit made by a referral

Deposit size

Commission size

Commission is based on the first deposit made by a client. The bigger the deposit, the higher the commission



Easy start
Any user can become a participant of the affiliate program

One can search for future clients in any sphere

Stable rewards
The affiliate commission will be credited within at least one month*

Promote your service actively or just place ads on a social network or website

*If an account is inactive, the maximum period of commission crediting is not limited

Now is the best time
Join InstaTrade and get rewards
Start earning with the CPA program right now!
the partner reward may total as much as 2,000 USD
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