29.11.2023 05:25 AM
Technical Analysis of Intraday Price Movement of AUD/JPY Cross Currency Pairs, Wednesday, November 29 2023.

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If we look on the 4 hour chart of AUD/JPY cross currency pairs, then we can see that the price movement is moving to form the Lower High and above the Moving Average, this means in the near future, AUD/JPY has the potential to strengthen, but there is a possibility that AUD/JPY will experience the downward correction, but as long as the downward correction doesn't exceed below the level 97,20, then AUD/JPY has the potential to strengthened again today up to the level 98,52 as the main target, and if the momentum as well as the volatility is good enough, then there is a possibility that the level area of 98,92-99,33 will become the next target to be aimed of.


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