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About trading

What is Trade?

Trade market participants place trade orders at one price (deal opening) and conduct opposite exchange operations at another price (deal closing). This way, they aim to derive profit from the rate differences. Even a slight change in prices can bring a sizable profit commensurate with stock trading.

How to start trading on Trade?

Step №1
Trading on a demo account
Step №2
Trading on a live account
Step №3
Professional trading

Open a demo account and trade in real conditions without fear and risks. If you do not want to study theory and read books, then you can accumulate knowledge, experience, and skills in the course of trading on a demo account.

No matter how many advantages a demo account has, trading on it does not bring you real money. If you are confident in your trading skills and understand how the market functions, it`s time for you to start trading with real funds. Using minimum deposits in your first transactions, you can control risk in real trading.

If you have learned to trade and earn a stable income on the difference in rates, the next step in your evolution is professional trading using strategies, advisors, and indicators. You can manage other traders' deposits within the PAMM system or allow others to subscribe to your trading account for copying deals within the InstaCopy service.

Should I wait for high and rapid returns?

Can I trade without risk and investment? Yes,you can, but only using a DEMO account. Indeed, any participation in a particular financial market involves investment and risk. However, in the foreign exchange market, the amount of investment, the level of risk, and the moment of its occurrence depend only on you. You are able to trade just with one dollar or a few cents.

What are the types of accounts and how do they differ?

ZeroDrop is a new trading account with zero spread and low commissions. It allows InstaTrade traders to increase their income level, as well as to have an accurate forecast of trading profits. You can trade all types of assets, without hidden margins and additional transaction costs.


What is the trading software? At present, the most popular software is the MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 platforms. Most traders around the world use these platforms as the main technical instrument for trading in the foreign exchange market. In addition, most trading strategies, advisors, indicators, and signals are created precisely for MT4 and MT5.

Training videos
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trade for beginners
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trade for beginners
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trade for beginners
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If it is easier for you to perceive useful information by watching videos, this video training course is just for you! It covers all the key aspects of trading.

Educational application for your mobile

With a mobile app, you can learn how to trade in an easy and convenient way. The Trade training application is the best tool to get an insight into the foreign exchange market and move to trading practice as quickly as possible.

Social trading

Social trading combines communicative platforms and speculative currency trading which implies publicity and full access to information about trading operations. As in social media, there are popular trade traders who are monitored for their activities and whose strategies are copied by less successful members of the trade community. However, all of them share the common objective - profit-making and its growth.

The most popular product for social trading is InstaCopy by InstaTrade.

InstaTrade has created a trading service for beginners combining a practical Trade training course and social media that allows participants not only to learn and communicate, but also to earn good money.

InstaTrade InstaCopy is a service for copying transactions of successful traders in real time. Every user of the service has access to trading information from successful and experienced traders who share their knowledge and skills, thus allowing all participants to earn money.

InstaCopy Follower
Copying of deals
InstaCopy Traders
The InstaCopy system by InstaTrade
(can also be paid by the company)

I want to make a profit from investment

In addition to trading, there is an easier way to derive profit on Trade - investing. You can invest your money in an asset or trust another trader to manage your assets. This way, you can provide yourself with passive income.

However, investment in financial markets implies certain risks: irregular income, an error in choosing an investment object or manager. But all these risks can be minimized or avoided.


The least risky way to invest in the trade market is the PAMM system developed by InstaTrade. Within this system, an investor can choose a particular trader, invest in his/her trading, and then receive a part of his/her profit. The list of managing traders is completely transparent and is presented on the PAMM monitoring page. Due to the possibility to make small investments, an investor can try working with several managing traders in a short period of time and select the most effective PAMM account.

Profit from investment
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